COMMIS - Your communication assistant

About the app

COMMIS is a Czech application that was originally created in a hotel environment. And in a hotel not only the management but also regular employees need a simple tool to prepare, organize, and execute unforgettable events, this is why COMMIS was born.

How it works


We will show you the app

Contact us and we will introduce COMMIS to you in person or online within a few minutes. Subsequently, we will prepare an individual offer based on your needs, possibilities, and the number of employees you want working in the app.


Try it for free

For the first 45 days, you have an unlimited number of users / employees for free, so that you and your team can try everything properly without any obligations. After, you only pay for the current number of registered users in that month! We also have great package deals for you! Contact us!


We arrange everything

You fill in the form and list of employees simply, quickly, and online, and everything else is up to us! We will come and train your employees on site. We will arrange everything so that everyone can work with the application within a few minutes. We can also do it online. It is up to you and your team.


You will receive access

Your selected employees will receive their individual login details to the application. In COMMIS, they work under their names, whether they use a phone, tablet, or computer for work. You will have both the mobile app and unlimited access via your internet browser.


We are here for you

We hope there will be no problems, but anything can happen. It does not end with the sale of the app for us and we continue to take care of our clients so that everything works as it should. We are not a giant software company with a stacked call center, we solve everything quickly and with a personal approach.


Always something extra

We are constantly improving COMMIS, based on feedback from our clients, who are the most important to us. We are in close contact with our clients and we respect their currently evolving needs.

*The more registered users you have, the more effective the communication and the lower the price.

COMMIS HELPS not only you, but your whole team!

Preparing events

  • Create an event
  • Make a schedule
  • Assign tasks to your colleagues
  • Workforce planning
  • Overview of free spaces
  • Overview of free dates
  • Overview of not yet confirmed events
  • Client database
  • Database of held events

Organizing events

  • Check schedule
  • Check the current situation
  • Check completed tasks
  • Check your staff
  • Space preparation
  • Equipment preparation
  • Inventory preparation
  • Organized in electronic form
  • Graphically in paper form

Executing events

  • Automated checklists
  • Physical schedule
  • Electronic schedule
  • The ability to react and ask
  • Event changes visible immediately
  • Know everything in advance
  • Everything clear and simple
  • Documents for event billing
  • Event evaluation