COMMIS - Your communication assistant

About the app

COMMIS is a Czech application that was originally created in a hotel environment. And in a hotel not only the management but also regular employees need a simple tool to prepare, organize, and execute unforgettable events, this is why COMMIS was born.

COMMIS HELPS not only you, but your whole team!

Preparing events

  • Create an event
  • Make a schedule
  • Assign tasks to your colleagues
  • Workforce planning
  • Overview of free spaces
  • Overview of free dates
  • Overview of not yet confirmed events
  • Client database
  • Database of held events

Organizing events

  • Check schedule
  • Check the current situation
  • Check completed tasks
  • Check your staff
  • Space preparation
  • Equipment preparation
  • Inventory preparation
  • Organized in electronic form
  • Graphically in paper form

Executing events

  • Automated checklists
  • Physical schedule
  • Electronic schedule
  • The ability to react and ask
  • Event changes visible immediately
  • Know everything in advance
  • Everything clear and simple
  • Documents for event billing
  • Event evaluation