COMMIS - Your communication assistant

About the app

COMMIS is the first Czech communication app that was born in the hospitality industry, exactly for the everyday needs of you and your team! Thanks to COMMIS, not only your team, but above all the guest will be happier and will come back to you even more!

COMMIS helps employees, management, and owners!


  • simple handover of shifts
  • end unnecessary overtime
  • always in the picture
  • helps at work
  • does not bother during your free time
  • everything is traceable
  • easy operation for everyone
  • improves the working environment
  • reduces stress


  • operational information all in one place
  • everything online from anywhere
  • passing information to specific people
  • assign tasks and track their progress
  • control and overview of operations
  • quick training of employees
  • materials for strategic decision-making
  • raising the standard of services
  • saves a lot of time


  • business overview
  • helps increase sales
  • saves money
  • documents for future investments
  • easy evaluation of efficiency
  • increase competitiveness
  • reduction of employee turnover
  • attractive employer
  • you can quickly and easily affect everything