Guests want everything online, what about your team? - Commis

Currently, there are tens or hundreds of products related to the online world in the hospitality industry. Countless different reservation systems and channels, xy applications, guest communication systems, or standard cashier systems or various online warehouse management systems. Both high-quality and low-quality products can be found on the market. The market requires to be more and more online. The HORECA segment had to adapt quickly to attract a potential guests.

But what about your team? Don’t you have an internal communication problems? Does everything work correctly? Or are the internal problems affect daily operations? Do you, like your industry colleagues around the world, suffer from not enough employees and need to save your employees’ time to do what they are paid for? You want your staff to be focused on guests and not to the communication problems. Do you still want to have satisfied guests?

With our Commis app, you can communicate more effectively with your team like ever before. Read what our application can do and if you no longer want to solve your everyday communication problems in your business, please contact us. You will see that Commis can not only help you in many things, but also save costs at the end of the process. We are the first only communication app focused primarily on hospitality in the Czech Republic. .

Contact us and we’ll show you how everything works and what Commis can do.

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