Development history - Commis

The Commis is common French word, which means assistant or facilitator.

“Personally, I have worked in hospitality for over 14 years in a lot of positions, in hotels of various sizes, in different parts of the world, the problem with communication was everywhere. Sometimes, somewhere was there kinda of communication system, but almost always not anything efficient.There were giant complicated, not user friendly and expensive softwares in hotel chains or free communication app with a lot of limitation in small private hotels“, says founder Petr Picman.

Thanks to very slow digitalization of procedures in hospitality, we have decided to help and support this industry. Our team have created firts only avaiable app for communication on Czech market. Our personal skills and experience reflects answers or following questions:

Why we don´t use potencial of employees, of their skills with social medias? If they use it private, why not for working stuff?

Why does it take to long to find correct information in thousands of papers, or emails?.

Why solve the same problems every day:

Did anybody get the correct information?

Who did handover?

Who actually did receive or did not receive the information?

Did they understand everything?

Have been all tasks done properly?

Did they get all the most important information from the last meeting?

Would you like to be in touch with daily operation even if you are not there from any reasons?

Times up! Lets throw away thousands of chaotic notes and papers!

Hospitality suffers with not enough employees around the world. We have to save their time and they have to do, what they are paid for. Most important is guest and guest can recognize very fast if some internal commucation in proberty doesn´t work properly.