We took part of project Zero Waste Hotel! - Commis

Ecology, green thinking policy and sustainable enviroment attitude are not modern topics only. Everyone must start right away! It is never too late!

Our corporate should be great example! Our thinking and goals are absolutely in the same way as Zero Waste Hotel and when we have mentioned, that they are here we have decided to actively cooperate with Zero Waste Hotel. We have found out, that is more then neccesary to support and to promote their activities immediately!

Are you from HORECA branch? Read interesting posts and contact Zero Waste Hotel directly to help you not only reduce the environmental impact of the industry you’re working in, but also help your organization save significant costs.

So what about start with COMMIS to improve your communication, to share green ideas, to save valuable time to set up eco-friendly and sustainable practices or procedures in your daily work? COMMIS has been destined to cooperate with this very beneficial project! Contact us for further services!

We are proud, that we have got oportunity to take part of the Zero Waste Hotel

Thank you and we looking forward to futher cooperation!

Kind regards,

Commis team!