Our customer hotelier of the year! - Commis

We have to share with you our experience. Friday evening on 29.11.2019 was really extraordinary.
Director of Hotel Studánka ****, Bc. Petr Čermák was ceremonially declared on 29 November 2019 by the Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants as a hotelier of the year with an emphasis on his lifelong contribution to this industry.

Congratulations and thank you for inviting us!

Hotel Studánka **** was at the very beginning of our very first hotel, where COMMIS (Komy) first saw the light of the world thanks to the approach and enthusiasm of the director and his hotel team!

Congratulations once again, we wish this award a lot, because it is really deserved and we are proud that we can cooperate with such professionals and that they are fully satisfied with COMMIS !!! We are honored! Thank you!