Now we are available in Prague! - Commis

Good news! From now we can also meet up in Impact Hub Prague!
Thanks to Start It @CSOB and IMPACT HUB PRAGUE D10, we have beautiful modern office not only for business meetings, but also for the creative work itself! ?

Visit us in Hradec Králové or now in Prague and we will show you that COMMIS is finally a simple and complete solution of internal communication not only for hotels.

Thanks to COMMIS, you will simply spread information to the team, you will be quickly, correctly and in time well informed and you will be able to keep track of current events at any time and from anywhere!
Everything is maximally adapted to the needs not only of hotel operation! COMMIS helps you save time, minimize unpleasant situations, eliminate costs and speed up procedures for even better economic results! Communicate easily! Communicate with COMMIS!